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If you are submitting your own photos for your custom artwork (instead of having me take them on site), your images will have to meet a certain criteria in order for me to provide you with the best quality piece.

I will no longer be doing composites.
(Composites are when you combine more than one image to create the final product.)

Since I am committed to giving you the absolute best end result,
if your images are not of good quality or have too many obstructions (such as trees, poles, etc), I won't be able to work with them and will have to decline your commission. 

I've created these guidelines so that you can take and submit the type of photos 
that will insure great artwork.

Here is an example of a perfect photo/image for my artwork:

What makes this image so perfect is that it's taken straight on and there are no obstructions.

I don't consider the wires leading to the house to necessarily be an obstruction as I could either remove them or I could leave them in and maybe add some sweet birds 😀

The image above is a less-than-great example.
The tree on the lawn cannot be removed from the image since there are too many
intricate branches and would require a tremendous amount of photo reconstruction.
While I have in the past reconstructed images, doing so is too time-consuming and would require me to charge much more than I currently do.

If you have similar images and would not want the tree to be in the final artwork, 
then try to take your photograph from a different angle. 

A good quality, usable image does not necessarily have to be straight on.

Another example of a less-than-great image that I would not be able to use.

There is no way to remove the obstacles in this image and then recreate the whole side of the house without it being immensely time-consuming.

Rebuilding/reconstructing an image takes a huge amount of time.
Keeping the cost of my custom artwork affordable is really important to me and I would have to charge a lot more than I do if I have to seriously rebuild a house or subject.

This is an example of the type of photo that I would have to decline.
There's too much stuff in the way that couldn't be removed + the house is blurry.
Out of focus and/or low pixel images cannot be used.

Before taking your photos, please make sure things like cars, trash cans, etc. 
are removed from the scene.

If you are unsure about your photographs, it's okay!
Send them to me anyway and I will let you know if I can use them or not.

Click on the envelope to send them to me or ask me questions via email:

Please remember:

Images MUST be photographs in large format that you can send to me 
electronically as attachments.  

Please, no links to realtor sites, websites, newspaper clippings, etc.  
I have tried using these types of images in the past and 
the artwork just does not lend itself well to such media.

I prefer that you not send cell phone pictures.

However, if that's all you have, 
I can see if I can work with your cell phone images.  

In relation to my artwork, 
cell phone images are substandard to those taken with traditional cameras.

Please note that even if I think I can work with a cell phone image, 
the finished product will still not be of the highest quality.  

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!